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A.I. Magic is a prank and magic app that simulates the features of your phone - making it appear as if your phone's virtual assistant (Siri) can read minds. Created by magician and prankster Rich Ferguson, it's been approved and tested as a perfect app for all ages and skill levels! A.I. Magic is designed for non-magicians and magicians alike!

Although the app is secretly working with you, the experience is real. Someone picks or thinks or a playing card. You explain that your phone’s virtual assistant (Siri) will be able to read their thought and tell what their chosen card is. Everyone can see that your phone is legitimate as you begin to ask Siri to read this person’s mind. Siri asks to see the person in the camera so she can apparently figure this person out by some sort of facial recognition, tells, body language or profiling. Everyone sees the real conversation play out on the screen as well as hears the resulting answer… which is always correct and mind-blowing. There are numerous methods in the tutorial ranging from self-working for non-magicians to advanced for magicians. Anyone can do this within minutes with no skill whatsoever!

To get started, be sure to watch the walkthrough video in the instructions section as well as the video tutorials. Rich's videos make it easy to learn various ways to pull of this mind reading card trick. Rich also walks you through how to use the app and ways to stage your performance so that you can perform the trick like a pro.

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